Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goin' for the Lipstick

getting ready to head out on foot
for soup
sore throat demands it
rain has stopped
for now.

put on my coat
and the blonde wig I've been using
for a hat
quick look in the mirror:
women's coat, 
women's burgundy corduroy pants (not too feminine, but still)
red painted fingernails…

i’m goin’ for the lipstick.

put on just a bit at first
then more to even out the edges


then i wipe off a bit 
perhaps trying to cut down on the garishness factor
perhaps out of fear

of hillbillies in trucks
of football players
of people who wear sports clothing in general
of military personnel 
trump supporters
and persecuted ethnic minorities with a deeply-driven fear of appearing weak
or “queer”
(a word i’ve never really related to, 
but perhaps the time has come to choose sides…)

all of these spiraling details 
in just a little flash of
magnified in significance 
by my hyperactive imagination

until it isn’t.

I walk out the door and into the night
hoping I wiped enough away that it 
won’t leave a stain on my soup spoon

and kind of hoping that i didn’t 


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  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the encouragement... I have indeed been slacking in that regard.